The Mixteca Weavers

are part of a microeconomic program of El Circulo de Mujeres , AC, a non profit organization in Oaxaca, Mexico which is supported by The Circle of Women in the U.S., a 501(c)3.

The women raise sheep or purchase locally produced wool, card the wool, spin the yarn and weave the shawls. The yarns are all locally dyed with dye which will not run, made from local plants and the cochineal bug.

The weaving is done on backstrap loams. This is an age old process of weaving used by the indigenous people of Mexico. We are also working to help them recreate the patterns of their mothers.

The Circle of Women provides marketing support for the sale of the weavings and takes no profit. All monies beyond expenses are returned to the weavers. The women have formed a financial co-operative and are now managing their own monies and marketing in Mexico.

This is an area of coffee growers and the drop in international coffee prices has left the people hungry.

The sale of one shawl will feed a family of five for a month.